Thursday, December 30, 2010


Home is an extension of our personality and taste. It is our personal touch and our unique style that makes our home and you fell instantly comfortable and warm. Home furnishings help us to make our dream house. Every person wants their home will match   their personality and image. Home decoration does take a lot of planning to achieve the look that we desire so much to convert a home to our dream land. Decorating a room is a very difficult thing. There are many things to think about .Space planning, flooring, lighting, furniture and window treatment are just a few. There are different types of home décor available to us like Formal décor, contemporary decor, Traditional décor, and Modern décor.

One of the main aspects of home decoration is changing the furniture layout of the home.  By changing the furniture we can change the very appear and feel of the house. Also an anther think is important in home décor that is the lighting aspects of a home. Good lighting is the perfect ambiance of the home.