Thursday, December 29, 2011

Decorate Your Bathroom

A bathroom is very special and private space of our home. So, it is necessary to take care and decorate this private space with modern attires. But when we decorate our home, we only pay the full concentration on decorating the rooms and kitchens and concentrate a little attention to decorate our custom built bathroom. Its very easy to decorate a small and claustrophobic bathroom into a sophisticated, quiet and charming one by applying some simple tricks. To transform the looks and appeal of your bathroom, you need to change the color and lighting style of the bathroom.

Tips to moderate your old small bathroom in a comfortable and specious looking bathroom are mentioned below:

Select some wall colors which bring peace of mind- Always choose some soft and pale colors for your bathroom to feel the illusion of more space. Avoid strong and combined colors. Light shades also brings peace of mind. Decorate the background of your bathroom with neutrals, pastel tones and white colors and bring dark colored towels and accessories to make a great combination.

Choose light colors for the flooring- Like as the wall colors, choose light colored tiles for the flooring. It would make the floor look more specious. If you can't change the style of the flooring, place a light colored rag over your existing flooring.

Add some extra lights to brighten up the room- Without engaging any extra space, you can add some extra lights to brighten up your bathroom. The lights should be placed in the ceiling, and should be focused in the work spaces of the bathroom. A counter to lamp or some wall scones will add brightness and warmth to the bathroom. Another options to add more brightness in the bathroom are: placing larger windows, skylights or solar tubes.

Cut back the things which shrinks out- If the space of your bathroom is medium or small, placing a small extra furniture can block the space and can make the bathroom look shrink. If the space is getting blocked because of the furniture, then remove them. Remove the hanging racks, wall shelves, or any decorative pieces. Don't remove everything, it can make the space hollow. Put the things back which have their own usefulness.

Change the large vanity and place a pedestal sink- A large vanity bathroom cabinet provides the bathroom a space under the sink, and it is ideal for the big sized bathrooms. If the floor space of your bathroom is small, then you can go for a pedestal or wall mounted sink to save the space. In this way, the space of the bathroom will also open up. Find any other place to organize your storage place or the closet.

Following these ways, you can change the style statement of your bathroom.